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Nofollow Blacklist Plugin for WordPress

24 August, 2007 (14:21) | Wordpress Plugins | By: João José

Because old press is reluctant (to say the least) to link to other websites either blogs or not, some people prefer to add a rel=”nofollow” tag when linking to those sources.

Because of that I decided to create this Plugin. It’s based on the Wikipedia nofollow plugin and now allows you to add/remove/edit domains from a blacklist. All domains on the list will be rel nofollowed.

Note: If you add for example wikipedia.org every subdomain from wikipedia will be rel nofollowed, but if you add en.wikipedia.org then only the subdomain will be rel nofollowed.

It’s my first plugin and is far from perfect but hope you like it!

EDIT 25/8/2007: Just did a minor edit on the plugin. The plugin was also rel nofollowing links on comments which would probably interfere with other plugins which do nonofollow on comments. You can download the edited version or just erase the last line of code in wordpress’s integrated plugin editor.


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Comment from Personal Loan Portfolio
Time: 2007/11/16, 07:11

When I activate the plugin, I receive the following message. I am running WP version 2.3.1. Thanks.

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare wp_get_domain_name_from_uri() in /home/mysite/public_html/wp-content/plugins/nofollow-blacklist.php on line 138

Comment from João José
Time: 2007/11/17, 16:55


I can’t replicate that error on WP 2.3.1 . You probably have another plugin installed that uses a function by the same name. Probably you’re using this other plugin Wikipedia Nofollow Plugin

Comment from glen
Time: 2007/11/19, 19:07

looking for “free no follow checker” where I can download it ?

Comment from Rapidshare Bloggers
Time: 2008/01/12, 19:03

WordPress database error: [Table 'rap0801209052868.wp_nofollow_blacklist' doesn't exist]
SELECT id,url,url_name FROM wp_nofollow_blacklist;

Error on WP 2.3.1

Comment from Rapidshare Bloggers
Time: 2008/01/12, 19:16

RE : Above post

I extracted the php file to a folder [same as filename] and had uploaded that to the plugin directory. That had caused the problem.

Comment from Ibnu Asad
Time: 2008/02/16, 11:27

Excellent Plugin! I like your plugin because it’s simple and easy to use :)

Btw, is there any new features that you’ll implement anytime soon?

Comment from Shawn
Time: 2008/04/13, 06:26

I can’t see that it’s working with 2.5 wordpress. I don’t get any errors, but the domains I type in don’t show as a blocked domain, also the links to those domains still show as follow links.

Comment from João José
Time: 2008/04/13, 15:37

Hi Shawn.

I’m on 2.5 and it’s working okay for me. Maybe some other plugin you have installed is messing with this one. Can you disable other plugins and check if the nofollow works? If yes, then you could start enabling one by one until it stops working so that we can figure out which one is causing the malfunction.

Comment from Shawn
Time: 2008/04/13, 18:10

I found out what plugin does it, it’s the plugin I use to get my ebay rss feed. One of the central pillars for my site, so it has to stay on. :(

Comment from João José
Time: 2008/04/13, 20:55

Hi Shawn.

Give me plugin’s link so that I can fix this. Thanks.

Comment from Shawn
Time: 2008/04/13, 21:00


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